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Apple Pay Casinos 2021: Secure & easy mobile payment system

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 31.05.2023

In the realm of digital transactions, numerous advancements continually emerge in the field of payment methods, such as the notable Apple Pay. Apple, renowned for its smartphones, tablet PCs, and other computing devices, also offers its very own payment system, known as Apple Pay. This payment solution is designed to provide both security and convenience, and it is progressively gaining popularity within the realm of virtual gambling. With its seamless functionality, online payments can be effortlessly executed using Apple Pay, making it an absolute recommendation for utilizing as a payment method in online casinos.

Apple Pay Casino Willkommens­bonus Minimum deposit Minimum payout Payout duration Evaluation website
€1,000 + 200 free spins 10€ 10€ Immediately
4.95 ★ out of 5
300€ + 50 Cashspins 10€ 10€ Immediately
4.90 ★ out of 5
€100 + 200 free spins 20€ 20€ Immediately
4.85 ★ out of 5
€150 + 50 free spins 10€ 10€ Immediately
4.80 ★ out of 5
1.000€ 5€ 10€ Immediately
4.75 ★ out of 5

For those of you who, like me, enjoy playing online roulette for real money, I have created this online guide. Below you will find a detailed review of Apple Pay roulette casinos, allowing you to get a first impression. Not only will I introduce the best Apple Pay online casinos, but I will also delve into the specifics of this payment method. However, the most important thing is to find the right Apple Pay casino, where you can confidently deposit your funds for a round of roulette. My casino list serves as a guide and has been created from a player's perspective, ensuring its reliability.

The best Apple Pay casinos for real money games - top selection for 2023.

Top-Rated Casino for Apple Pay: Volcano Vegas
Apple Pay deposit: And
Apple Pay withdrawal: And
Bonus qualification: And
Casino games selection: Fast 3000
Roulette games: Over 30
Apple Pay deposit duration: Immediately
Apple Pay deposit limit: At least €5
Apple Pay payout time: 2 to 30 business days
Apple Pay withdrawal limit: At least €10

Apple Pay is gaining popularity as a payment method and is winning over an increasing number of people around the world. The payment system of the American tech giant Apple is being utilized for online payments in a wide range of sectors. It is therefore not surprising that casinos are progressively integrating Apple Pay into their extensive array of payment methods.

Discovering an online casino that accepts Apple Pay does not necessarily mean it is a recommended Apple Pay casino. While the availability of this e-wallet is a positive factor, there are many other aspects to consider in practice. It is crucial for ambitious players to never forget this, as otherwise, they may end up depositing their money and never seeing it again due to falling into the hands of a scammer. Although the safety and reliability of Apple Pay are unquestionable, the trustworthiness of the specific online casino with Apple Pay must also be guaranteed. To provide better guidance, I will now inform interested individuals about currently recommended Apple Pay online casinos.

In the realm of virtual gambling, fresh providers and ever-changing conditions frequently emerge, prompting me to regularly update my list. As such, roulette enthusiasts can always find the latest advice here to aid in their personal casino selection. Those seeking the finest Apple Pay casino need look no further, for roulette players will discover it right here. At present, I am particularly impressed by the King Billy Casino, hence why it stands as my top casino for 2023. Anyone desiring to utilize Apple Pay ought to be aware of what the casinos can offer. Below, you will find my detailed insights regarding this particular payment method at King Billy.

How do deposits in the casino work?

Unlike other e-wallets, Apple Pay offers not only an accompanying app as a payment method, but also comes as a fully mobile payment system. Apple has specifically developed the wallet for use with mobile devices. This allows for convenient mobile Apple Pay deposits in the roulette casino via iPhone or iPad. However, interested individuals still need to know how to deposit money using Apple Pay. The following step-by-step guide provides information on the simple procedure:

  1. Online casino login
  2. Select Apple Pay as the deposit method at the checkout area.
  3. Specify the desired deposit amount.
  4. follow instructions
  5. Confirm transaction

It is evident that users of Apple Pay who wish to engage in online casino activities must be registered at the respective casino and possess an active Apple Pay account. It may be advisable to complete the registration process with the payment service provider beforehand. Only when these conditions are met can one make payments with Apple Pay while playing virtual roulette.

Minimum and maximum deposits

When depositing with Apple Pay at the casino, it is crucial not to exceed your financial capabilities and to be sensible. Therefore, it is important to set your own limits and not to keep risking more because you hope for a lucky streak in the near future. Roulette enthusiasts should also be aware that gambling providers often impose certain deposit limits. This often defines the minimum deposit amount and the maximum amount that can be deposited per day. It's crucial to be aware of these limitations and play within them to ensure a responsible gambling experience.

To ensure a seamless roulette casino experience with Apple Pay, it is advisable to make a minimum deposit of 10 euros, depending on the provider. It is worth noting that the deposit process is unbeatably fast, as the funds are credited in real-time, making them immediately available for gameplay. Additionally, it is worth highlighting the exceptional convenience of this payment method, allowing players to swiftly engage in thrilling roulette action.

Payout limits and duration - How quickly are winnings paid out with Apple Pay?

If you're testing your luck at an Apple Pay casino and happen to score some real winnings, it's important to note that you cannot withdraw money through Apple Pay. This means there are no limits or processing times to consider, as you simply cannot cash out your funds using this method.

Players who initially deposit using Apple Pay and then wish to withdraw their winnings will need to switch to another payment method during the withdrawal process. The credit card or bank account can be considered as an alternative, ensuring that the winnings are quickly transferred to the account and can be used beyond virtual gambling.

New Apple Pay Casinos - The latest verified providers.

Understanding the conditions of payments at the casino is undeniably important. However, roulette enthusiasts should also devote sufficient attention to selecting the right online casino. Given the constant emergence of new providers, obtaining a comprehensive overview is nearly impossible. My online guide addresses this issue directly and is regularly updated. In certain online casinos in Ireland, bonuses are accompanied by free spins. It is of great concern to me to provide information about the top Apple Pay casinos. Now, allow me to recommend one of the latest Apple Pay casinos:

Brand new Apple Pay Casino: Min. deposit: Max. deposit: Deposit duration: Min. payout: Max payout: Payout duration:
20 bets 1€ no limit immediately 1,50€ no limit 1 to 5 days
Svenplay 20€ 25.000€ Immediately 100€ 2.500€ 1 to 2 days
Unikrn 5€ 50.000€ Immediately 10€ 50.000€ 1 to 3 days

The service still needs to establish itself among the payment options in the online casino realm, even though Apple is not an unfamiliar brand. Therefore, it is likely that the deposit method will gain increasing popularity. Established providers, along with new casinos, will recognize this and add this payment method to their portfolio. It is worth keeping an eye on the market, so as not to miss out.

Playing at an Apple Pay roulette casino - a smart choice for roulette enthusiasts.

Casino enthusiasts who have a deep passion for roulette and are also keen on using Apple mobile devices will undoubtedly appreciate the convenience of being able to make payments. With the utilization of Apple Pay, they can effortlessly deposit money into the casino and then place bets at the virtual roulette table. All of these features and many others contribute to the exceptional experience provided by my current recommendation.

Up to 120€ + 120 Freispiele
  • 8 RNG Roulette Games
  • 50 Live Roulette Games
  • Award-winning online casino
18+, Es gelten die AGB

When choosing the right casino, it is not enough to consider whether it accepts your preferred payment method. Bonus offers, licenses, security standards, and customer service are other important criteria. Additionally, roulette enthusiasts should pay attention to a varied selection of roulette games. For instance, popular variations include live roulette, French roulette, and American roulette. With these conditions in mind, making a deposit is worthwhile to try your luck.

Security check: Secure payment in online casinos

It is not a huge surprise that the US technology company Apple is behind the payment service Apple Pay. However, roulette enthusiasts considering using this method should be aware of a few more details. That's why I took a closer look and can now report that the payment service was introduced to the market in 2014. It is worth noting that it comes as a wallet on the one hand and relies on Near Field Communication, abbreviated as NFC, on the other hand.

Detaillierte Informationen über Apple Pay
Name: Apple Telephone: 0800 6645451
Founding: 2014 Email: Not specified
Seat: Cupertino, USA Live Chat: Not specified
Business hours: No Facebook: Not specified
Official website: Twitter: Not specified

It is worth highlighting that this entire system was specifically designed as a means of payment for Apple mobile devices. The accompanying application provides a high level of security and also excels in user-friendliness. Apple users with a love for online roulette should definitely consider utilizing this payment service.

List of reputable online roulette casinos that accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is relatively new to the market and therefore not yet available in all online casinos. Roulette enthusiasts who wish to deposit using Apple Pay are faced with the challenge of finding a trustworthy provider that supports their preferred deposit method. I am here to assist and recommend Apple Pay casinos. However, it is not only about the acceptance of the e-wallet for me, as a reliable casino must offer more. Here is my list of recommended Apple Pay roulette casinos:

Advantages and disadvantages

Given the fact that modern online casinos accept a wide range of payment methods, the question of why Apple Pay is a recommended option for banking often arises. Essentially, this is a personal decision, but I highly recommend Apple's payment service. For those who want to form their own opinion, below are the key advantages and disadvantages of Apple Pay.

Vorteile und Nachteile:
  • The ideal mobile application for Apple devices.
  • Transactions are fast, secure, and reliable.
  • Convenient execution of payments
  • Withdrawals not possible

Apple Pay stands out as a highly convincing method of depositing funds. However, one drawback is the inability to withdraw money using this platform. Moreover, currently, locating the right casino can be challenging.

Alternative Payment Methods for Deposits in Casinos - Options Besides Apple Pay

If you are unable to find a suitable Apple Pay casino or are looking for a payment method for deposits and withdrawals, it is advisable to consider alternatives. There are numerous payment options available to facilitate money transfers in online gambling. It is crucial to always remember that playing in trusted casinos with Apple Pay is the best protection against fraud. The following list provides information on the most important alternatives:

  • Licensed in the EU
  • Special roulette variants
  • Great bonuses & promotions
Die 10 besten Online Casinos für Roulette Freunde findest du auf

Frequently Asked Questions from Roulette Enthusiasts

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple describes its own payment service as secure and straightforward. The operation is simple and relies on a digital wallet managed through the corresponding application. Whether in-store, within apps, or online, Apple Pay allows users to make payments. This is made possible through the integration of credit cards and bank accounts. Typically, transactions are confirmed using Touch ID on the iPad or iPhone.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Security is of utmost importance, especially in the realm of online banking, and it is guaranteed with ApplePay. Although the wallet is linked to a bank or credit card account, it does not disclose sensitive information during the payment process. Instead, a randomly generated pseudo-credit card number is used for the transaction. Furthermore, technologies like Touch ID are employed to enhance security in online casinos using Apple Pay.

Which credit card works with Apple Pay?

Apple's payment service can easily be linked to a credit card, making depositing at online casinos much more convenient. Our selection will help you find the best Apple Pay casinos. However, not every credit card is compatible with Apple's payment service. Credit cards that can be used with Apple Pay include American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Barclaycard.

Do fees apply to Apple Pay transactions?

Using Apple Pay is generally free of charge. However, certain online casinos may impose a fee. It is also possible that credit card providers may charge fees.

Is there an Apple Pay Roulette Casino bonus available?

A specialized casino bonus for playing roulette using ApplePay may indeed exist, but it is not the norm among providers. In a fantastic roulette casino that accepts Apple Pay, players can typically expect a great selection of games. However, Apple Pay users should not anticipate receiving any special bonuses.

Conclusion on Apple Pay in Roulette Casinos.

If you are a fan of roulette and enjoy mobile gambling on your iPhone or iPad, it may be worth considering using Apple's in-house e-wallet. ApplePay is an excellent option for making deposits, offering both security and convenience. However, it is important to note that withdrawals cannot be made using this method.

If you're in search of alternative payment methods, looking to gain a fundamental understanding of casino banking, or wanting to delve deeper into the world of online roulette, then you've come to the right place. Within my online guide, I aim to share my knowledge and experiences while providing unbiased information that is not tied to any specific service provider.