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Frank Dancy, introducing himself, is a content writer for

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 6.10.2020

Frank Dancy introduces himself as the mastermind behind

Dear readers of,

Hello, my name is Frank Dancy, and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself on this website. Furthermore, I would like to provide an explanation as to why I have created this webpage.

I grew up in a small town near the Main River, close to Frankfurt. Like many of you, when I was growing up, the big wide world was something I only knew from movies and television. Places like Las Vegas and Monaco seemed like a whole different world to me back then. I had no idea that there were well-known casinos in Ireland as well. One of them is located in Bad Homburg, not far from my hometown. It took me over 20 years to find out about it. Some friends of mine came up with the idea to go to that casino with the first paycheck we received as conscientious objectors. Back then, the internet wasn't as widely available as it is today, so I had no clue what to expect there. We dressed up in our best clothes and drove to the spa town with its famous healing baths. I was amazed by the grand atmosphere of the venerable casino there. We felt almost like celebrities or nobility from a bygone era, if it hadn't been for the old Ford Fiesta. I will never forget the thrill of my first game with real money. While I was already familiar with slot machines from the local pub, I was fascinated by the traditional table games. And even though Bad Homburg doesn't compare to Las Vegas or Monaco in terms of fame and allure, I was still captivated by the history of this place. It was here that the Blanc brothers invented modern European roulette, and some speculate that the spa town was an inspiration for "Roulettenburg" in Dostoevsky's novel "The Gambler." The town and roulette, in particular, started to enchant me more and more. And I wasn't alone: since that first visit, I have been going there almost every year with friends to relive that atmosphere. For bachelor parties and similar occasions, a visit to Bad Homburg is already an absolute must in my circle of friends.

Why did I start

Initially, I had doubts about playing online roulette. It's perhaps characteristic of the Irish mindset to think this way, but I was skeptical of internet casinos. Additionally, I feared that the allure of the roulette wheel could diminish in the online realm. I was mistaken!

For years, I gradually delved into the topic of online gambling. I familiarized myself with licensing and regulation, closely monitored the market's development, and eventually decided to sign up for a casino. Since then, I've enjoyed taking a spin on online roulette every now and then. Testing systems and strategies is particularly pleasant within the comfort of my own home, as opposed to a physical casino. Overall, I consider myself a regular player, although my budget is relatively modest. What kept me entertained, alongside the thrill of the roulette game itself, were the numerous variations and providers available on the internet. I developed a particular fondness for live casinos and eagerly followed the technological advancements made in recent years. Gradually, I registered with other providers who offered diverse roulette games and enticing bonuses.

Naturally, I shared my online casino adventures with my friends, and I suggested reputable roulette casinos to them if they wanted to take a spin as well. They were amazed by the wealth of knowledge I had gathered over the years. One of them once mentioned that I should share my experiences online, so that other enthusiasts wouldn't have to spend as much time gathering information as I had to.

"Blogging" has become quite trendy, and I, too, was initially intrigued by the idea of trying it out for myself. However, I always struggled with figuring out what to write about. Suddenly, an idea sparked, and my curiosity was piqued. Just like when playing online roulette, I invested some time into researching what it takes to launch a website. Since I'm neither a designer nor a coder, I sought help from acquaintances whenever I hit a roadblock. Although I am ultimately responsible for the content, this website truly is a collaborative hobby involving several individuals assuming various roles.

For a while now, the initial pages of my website about playing online roulette have been live. It's an absolute thrill to see my own words on the web and track how the site is being received by you readers. The sweaty palms of anticipation when the page went live reminded me of my first visit to a casino. Since then, we've been consistently expanding the site, and every time, there's that exciting tingle. It's just enjoyable to collaborate on such a project and witness how it is embraced by you, the readers.

My gratitude extends to all the helpers!

I am grateful for the immense support and assistance provided by my friends and acquaintances, without whom this project would not have been possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support. Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution!

I want to specifically mention here:

My wife Sarah - Patience, understanding, and love

Thank you!