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The best Roulette bonus offers and what you need to consider

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 23.03.2022

There are numerous advantages of visiting an online casino compared to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. One of the most important benefits for many players is the opportunity to receive welcome bonuses, special promotions, and loyalty points. Allow me to introduce you to these various offers on my website. Furthermore, I will explain the key terms and conditions of these bonuses, as they are of particular interest to roulette players. When it comes to the game that revolves around us, the bonus conditions of different casinos can vary significantly. And of course, I will provide you with a list of the top roulette bonus offers in the table below.

Casino Welcome bonus* Details regarding the bonus offering Bonus review
1000€ 30x Sales condition
100%Roulette weighting
30 Take Bonus period 4.5 von 5.0 Play Now!
600€ 30x Sales condition
20%Roulette weighting
90 Roofs Bonus period 4.5 von 5.0 Play Now!
1000€ 35x Sales condition
10%Roulette weighting
Unlimited Bonus period 3.5 von 5.0 Play Now!
All recommended casinos hold licenses issued within the European Union. Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Click on "Play now" to learn more about the conditions.

As an AI language model, I cannot access or modify specific websites or articles. However, I can provide a new paragraph that meets your requirements. Here is a unique paragraph in English: "All the casinos listed on my website are licensed online gaming establishments within the European Union. This ensures that they comply with state regulations, guaranteeing player protection. Moreover, Irish customers are welcome to visit these platforms without any reservation. Alongside the fantastic bonus offers, what truly impressed me during the testing phase were the flexible betting limits, diverse range of roulette variations, and the abundance of other captivating games provided by these three operators."

What types of online roulette bonus offers are available?

In addition to the prominently advertised welcome bonus offered by all recommended roulette casinos, there are other promotions and rewards from which you can benefit. I have compiled the most important ones here to illustrate the differences. With this knowledge, you can also more easily understand which online roulette provider is best suited to you.

The welcome bonus for new customers.

The most well-known reward is the welcome bonus for new customers. This indicates that you can only take advantage of this offer once. Usually, this offer expires if you do not claim it with a deposit within one week of registration. The amounts you can receive range from around €100 to €2,000, and in exceptional cases, even more. You should pay attention to whether you receive this bonus for a single deposit or if this amount is composed of multiple deposits. Depending on the provider and offer, the increase can be between about 50% and 200% of the amount you deposited. The received bonus balance is not immediately available as cash in your player account and therefore cannot be withdrawn immediately. However, it can be used to start playing online roulette with a significantly larger budget. You will find out how to unlock the bonus balance and what you need to consider as a roulette fan in my section on bonus terms and conditions.

Of course, you have the option to decline such a welcome offer. You can either do this during the deposit process by selecting the appropriate option, or you can promptly inform customer service after making the deposit. They will take care of everything else on your behalf. There are valid reasons why one might choose not to accept a bonus. You can find more information on this in the bonus terms and conditions.

Reload Bonus and Bonuses on Additional Deposits

While the welcome bonus is a one-time offer for new customers of a casino, players who have been registered for a longer period can also benefit from these bonus offers. The amounts are usually slightly smaller than the welcome bonuses for new customers, but the key factor here is regularity. Throughout my years as an online player, I have come across a wide range of offers. Sometimes, these bonuses are available as weekly promotions on specific weekdays, while other times they are part of a unique special promotion. I would also include bonuses on certain deposit methods as part of these offers, which you can occasionally find. Of course, there are also bonus conditions that need to be taken into account.

Play online roulette with a no deposit starting bonus.

The possibility of playing online roulette with a no deposit bonus is a question I encounter frequently, and it's no wonder why. The allure of taking a spin without any risk and then reaping the rewards is undeniably tantalizing. Don't we all want that? But as you're reading these lines, you're probably aware that such offers are rather rare. Occasionally, some providers offer a roulette no deposit bonus, which means that the bonus can be used as a wager in the game of roulette. If I come across a good offer, I'll list it here. However, do keep in mind that any potential winnings may still be subject to certain conditions before being eligible for withdrawal.

  1. 1000€ Bonus
  • Roulette without deposit
  • Simply request after registration.
  • Good bonus conditions

Prizes related to promotions and special offers

Here is a completely different English paragraph for the new website: Let me summarize everything here that the providers offer to their visitors in the context of offerings that go beyond the mentioned promotions. I already mentioned the deposit bonuses for certain payment methods above. These can also be tied to specific days and are often listed in a weekly calendar. Some bonuses, like free spins on slots, may not be as interesting for us roulette players. But if the spins don't cost anything, I'll gladly take them anyway. Keep your eyes open for any roulette-specific events at a casino. Here are a few such events that I have encountered in the past. Some of these promotions were one-time occurrences, and some may still be ongoing. Since such offers change regularly, you should consider them as examples and not as current online roulette bonus offers.

You have the regular opportunity to win prizes in raffles, regardless of such special events. Besides cash prizes, there are also trips, cars, or other material prizes up for grabs. The multitude of changing special promotions and offers is highly delightful. You can find more information about this in my casino reviews as well.

VIP and loyalty points programs

Different providers take different approaches here, but the fundamental principle remains the same. Those who play with real stakes will be rewarded for their loyalty! The more you play and the more you bet, the higher the yield of loyalty points. Additionally, there is usually a kind of tiered system in which you gradually advance by accumulating a corresponding number of points. Higher ranks benefit from even more advantages such as invitations to tournaments, trips, or free spin promotions. Furthermore, on a higher level, you can often collect loyalty points even faster through more favorable conditions. The loyalty point programs of some providers also allow for the exchange of points for cash (known as cashback promotions) at predetermined terms.

Just like with bonus promotions, it's important to note that table games, which often have a lower risk and higher payout rate compared to slot machines, may be disadvantaged when it comes to earning loyalty points. In certain cases, you may have to place more bets at the tables than on slots in order to accumulate the same amount of loyalty points. Be aware of this and adjust your gameplay accordingly to maximize your rewards.

Explaining the bonus terms and bonus codes

Casino operators do not give away bonus offers as gifts. To prevent the exploitation of these offers, they are always subject to conditions. Let's take the example of the welcome bonus. Essentially, I would describe this welcome bonus as a pre-emptive loyalty reward. Now, let me explain why. When you accept a bonus, the corresponding amount is credited to what is known as a bonus balance. You can use this balance as a wager in all games. However, you cannot directly withdraw the bonus balance or the winnings made from it. To receive the money, you must fulfill the wagering requirements. Three things that I also mention in my casino tests will repeatedly come into play in this context. You will encounter wagering requirements, time frame, and the weighting of contributions from individual games or game categories. The wagering requirements indicate how many times you must wager a certain amount until the bonus is cleared. The amount you need to wager depends on the offer, either the received bonus or the sum of the bonus and your deposit. The time frame specifies how many days you have to fulfill the wagering requirements. As different games have different risks or payout rates, they are weighted differently when it comes to meeting the bonus conditions. I have listed some roulette casino bonus offers here for comparison purposes.

Bonusbedingungen und Gewichtung der Spiele
Casino Bonus Surcharge Period Sales volume Roulette Slots Blackjack To the test
CasinoClub 250€ 100% 30 Take 30x bonus + deposit 100% 100% 0% More info!
Betway 1.500€ 100%* Unlimited 50x Bonus 8% 100% 8% More info!
BetVictor 200€ 200% 7 Take 35x Bonus 20% 100% 10% More info!
Ladbrokes 600€ 200% 30 Take 50x bonus + deposit 20% 100% 20% More info!
Mr Green 100€ 100% Unlimited 35x Bonus 0% 100% 0% More info!
William Hill 300€ 100% 7 Take 25x Bonus + Deposit 0-50%** 100% 20% More info!
NetBet 200€ 100% Unlimited 30x Bonus 0% 100% 0% More info!
Euro Grand 300€ 300% 7 Take 20x bonus + deposit 0-50%** 100% 20% More info!
* First deposit **Depending on use

The figures may sound complex at first, but they're really not. An illustrative calculation will quickly clarify the connections. Imagine you deposit €100 at your chosen casino. You'll receive a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, so that's an additional €100. The terms and conditions state that the sum of your deposit and the bonus amount must be wagered. In this case, it's €200. Assuming you need to play through this amount 30 times, you'll have to place bets totaling €6,000. In my fictional example, you'll have 30 days to do this. As you can see, obtaining the bonus requires a lot of gameplay. That's what I meant by the advanced loyalty reward.

The weighting of games varies across casinos, but can generally be summarized as follows: While high-risk games such as slots or scratch cards contribute fully to meeting the wagering requirements, games with lower risk are weighted less. This mainly applies to table games, including roulette. Normally, bets placed contribute between approximately 10% and 25%. Sometimes, there is also differentiation based on the type of bets. For instance, simple chances are weighted less due to their lower risk compared to bets with lower probabilities of winning. This means that the weighting can potentially be increased up to 50% if you place, for example, straight bets. In some bonus offers, bets placed on roulette are not counted at all.

You can observe how crucial it is for us roulette players to pay attention to the fine print when it comes to the conditions. Don't just be guided by the sheer amount of the bonus. Another option, of course, is to unlock the bonus at slot machines and then leisurely play roulette with the received bonus after meeting the requirements. Additionally, you have the freedom to decline a starting balance or simply choose not to accept other bonus offers if you don't wish to fulfill the conditions.

Get the best roulette casino bonus now!

I have presented everything you need to know about casino bonuses on my website. So now it should be clear that roulette enthusiasts should pay closer attention than slot fans to identify a good roulette bonus offer. Always keep an eye on the bonus terms and conditions! And when it comes to promotions and other offers, the selection is vast, but it's worth checking as a roulette player if the offer matches your preferences. When playing roulette, you usually earn loyalty points more slowly than with slot machines, which is why a long-term provider comparison pays off if you can take advantage of a good loyalty program with minimal disadvantages. So you don't have to compare hundreds of internet casinos, I have gathered a few great online casinos for roulette players on this page. These casinos have put together a great package of bonuses and promotions for roulette players. Enjoy spinning with extra credit!

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Roulette Bonus

A well-chosen bonus can provide you with a great head start in the online casino realm. It's particularly important for roulette players to pay close attention to the fine print. It's no surprise, then, that this topic raises many queries. Below, you'll discover answers to the most crucial inquiries.

Where can I find the best roulette bonus?

When registering at a new casino, new customers are offered a bonus. The contribution of casino games to the wagering requirement usually varies. Particularly, roulette is often subject to bonus restrictions due to its high winning odds. Here you will find the finest roulette bonus for 2023, featuring top conditions for this exciting wheel game.

Is there a no deposit bonus for roulette?

Various types of bonuses can be found in casinos. One particular bonus that is popular but uncommon is the No Deposit Bonus. We have examined our top-rated casinos and selected the best Roulette bonus without requiring a deposit. With this provider, you can play Roulette with an initial balance.

???? What should I pay attention to when it comes to the bonus conditions for roulette?

Newcomers often overlook the bonus conditions, failing to realize their importance. Those who enjoy playing roulette should be even more attentive, as this game usually contributes only a small percentage towards meeting the requirements. Nevertheless, exceptions exist, and we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the finest roulette bonuses along with their corresponding terms and conditions. With this resource at your disposal, you can conveniently access all the essential information.

What kind of promotions and actions are available for roulette in online casinos?

In addition to the welcome bonus, the online casino offers many other promotions and rewards. It is also important not to overlook the VIP programs. Even roulette tournaments are available. Here, you will find the most important promotions and actions explained for online roulette, including the suitable roulette casinos.