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Play American roulette online for free or with real money.

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 26.02.2021

The American Roulette, a staple in both land-based casinos and online gaming platforms, is undoubtedly among the classic favorites of casino enthusiasts. Setting it apart from its European counterpart is the distinctive presence of an additional double zero on the wheel. This unique feature gives rise to fresh betting possibilities, which you can readily explore in the complimentary demo mode. Additionally, this comprehensive guide provides you with all the necessary rules and recommendations for the top online casinos where you can engage in the thrilling experience of playing American Roulette for real money.

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You can't go wrong with these casinos. They offer a wide variety of roulette options and are undoubtedly secure and reputable. In addition to holding a valid gambling license, they prioritize player protection with robust encryption measures. By creating a free user account with one of these providers, you'll also receive a welcome bonus for your initial deposit. Rest assured that these casinos are a safe bet.

Play American Roulette for free

If you haven't come across this variation of the game or never had the chance to play it, you can freely experiment with it here for as long as you'd like. Simply initiate this game and explore all the different bets to your heart's content without having to invest real money right away. If your game balance ever runs out, you can simply refresh the game and begin again with a fresh account full of play money. To do so, all you need to do is reload the webpage (typically by pressing the F5 key) and restart the game with a single click.

The rules of American Roulette

The rules are incredibly straightforward, with minimal variations from games without the double zero. You can find all the details about the general rules of roulette and the course of the game here. All the betting options and payouts are identical to European and French roulette. The only difference is the double zero, which provides additional betting opportunities.

However, there are other distinctions from French Roulette. The most significant yet inconspicuous one is the sequence of numbers on the wheel. It was not merely the double zero that was added opposite the zero; all the numbers are completely rearranged, as you can find out on the table and wheel page.

Payouts and special features

Payouts for European Roulette are identical to those of the original game. Simple bets are paid out at a 1:1 ratio, while bets on individual numbers offer a payout of 35:1. However, when combined with the double zero, this results in a higher house edge for the casino, totaling 5.26%. This is exactly twice as large as the house edge in single zero games.

American Roulette Übersicht: Setzmöglichkeiten (auf Englisch), Auszahlungen und Chancen
American roulette wheel Laws Payout probability
Das Rad des amerikanischen Roulettes Straight 35 : 1 2,63%
Split 17 : 1 5,26%
Street & Trio 11 : 1 7,89%
Corner 8 : 1 10,53%
Five Numbers (Basket in American Roulette) 6 : 1 13,16%
Six numerical values (presented in six lines) 5 : 1 15,79%
Dozens/Columns 2 : 1 31,58%
18 Numbers 1 : 1 47,37%
Even Odds 1 : 1 47,37%

One distinct feature of American Roulette, unlike other variations of wheel games, is the presence of a bet that deviates from the general house edge in terms of its mathematical expectation. When placing a wager on the "First Five," for instance, the payout is 6:1. However, this is slightly lower compared to all other betting options. If a payout of 7:1 were offered, it would favor the player mathematically. Theoretically, a payout of 6.5:1 could still be marginally in favor of the casino, but it often poses challenges to award half bets. Thus, one of the primary arguments for American Roulette (one of the additional betting options) with a house edge of 7.89% unfortunately happens to be one of the biggest disadvantages of this game variant.

Conclusion: The unpopular sibling of the classic game.

The American kettle game variant is one of the classics and should therefore not be missing in any good roulette casino. However, if you can also play the European or French game at the same time, you will generally choose against the American one. The main reason for this is the higher house advantage, which naturally increases the player's disadvantage against the bank. In addition, one of the new betting options (First Five) has an even higher house advantage of 7.89%. One should play American roulette at least once, but whether it necessarily has to be for real money, everyone has to decide for themselves. Enjoy the popular Las Vegas casino roulette variant and play American roulette online now.