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Play Mini Roulette Online: Understanding the Rules and Probabilities

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 26.02.2021

Are you new to the game of roulette and wondering where to start? Playtech, a renowned game developer, has the perfect solution for beginners. Their Mini Roulette is a simplified version, focusing on the essentials. This allows for an easier grasp of probabilities and betting options, providing a quick introduction to the world of wheel games and offering some fun for a quick spin in between. You can experience these qualities firsthand by playing for free. The rules and unique features of the game can be found on my website below. And then, you'll be ready to place real money bets at my top-rated casino!

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The casino recommended here is a licensed provider in the EU, ensuring legal and secure gameplay for players in Ireland. In addition to the mini roulette game, you will discover other roulette variations with table limits suitable for beginners to high rollers. So, grab all the essential information about the game right here and then feel free to collect the bonus and start spinning at your leisure.

Playtech's Mini Roulette can be tested for free here.

While it may not be the sole variation of the small wheel game, you are likely to encounter Playtech's version of Mini Roulette at most casino providers here in Ireland. Hailing from the Isle of Man, this company is one of the world's largest casino game developers, with their games being widely popular, especially in Europe. That's why I am offering you the opportunity to play this free Mini Roulette game created by the talented team at Pixel-Bastler. Throughout this website, I will be referring to this particular game. At first glance, you can already see that this game provides an ideal way for those who want to play a round of roulette without any complications. It is user-friendly, fast-paced, and yet still offers all the beloved features of the larger wheel games.

A brief explanation of the wheel and table of the little game of roulette.

In the tiny bowl, you'll find a solitary green zero and the numbers one through twelve. The even numbers are depicted in black, while the odd numbers are vibrant in red. Unlike the discernible patterns found in traditional European variants, these numbers are scattered randomly across the wheel. With the exception of its size, the betting table is nearly indistinguishable from that of European roulette.

The most discernible difference pertains to the dozen bets. It's only logical since there are only a dozen numbers in total. Instead of wagering on a third of the numbers like its larger counterparts, here you always bet on half of the numbers (e.g., 4-9). The bet payout is also 1:1, just like what you're accustomed to with the other even-money bets.

The unique characteristics of the Mini version: rules and probabilities

The basic game principle and the rules of Mini Roulette differ only slightly in comparison to the well-known traditional variants. One particular feature, which I believe only the small wheel game has, is related to the La Partage rule. Since the zero falls much more frequently compared to a wheel with 36 numbers, you will be paid back half of your bet not only when you placed it on even chances. Instead, the rule applies every time the ball lands in the green pocket. Naturally, this means that the number bets are also included. Without this rule, the house edge would be too high, making the game unattractive. But with this rule, the payout rate is a solid 96.15%. With this value, the small game ranks between European and American Roulette.

Laws Minimal effort Maximum use Payout probability
Plein / number 0.10€ 10€ 11 : 1 7,69%
Split / Horse 0.10€ 20€ 5 : 1 15,38%
Trio, Cross Full & Street 0.10€ 30€ 3 : 1 23,08%
Corner & Square 0.10€ 40€ 2 : 1 30,77%
Column/column 0.10€ 100€ 2 : 1 30,77%
Half a dozen 0.10 € 100 € 1 : 1 46,15%
Red Black 0.10€ 200€ 1 : 1 46,15%
Even odd 0.10€ 200€ 1 : 1 46,15%

The noticeable aspect of the above list of bets and probabilities is, of course, the reduced number of betting options and the absence of call bets. It is evident that the chances of winning a straight-up bet are significantly higher. Conversely, all the odds for outside bets are worse. This further emphasizes the importance of the La Partage rule in making the game fairer for players.

Where you can take a spin in this successful game.

I have discovered this game only in Playtech and a few NetEnt casinos. So, if you are not convinced by my top recommended provider here, then take a look at the selection of my best online roulette casinos. In the regularly updated list, you can often find good casinos with this developer's games. And then I wish you great pleasure with Mini Roulette!