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Play online roulette games now for free!

Autor: Frank Dancy , Letztes Update am: 4.10.2022

There are far more options on the internet than just the classic standard versions you know from casinos. Additionally, the web has the added advantage that you can play roulette for free at any time. The demo versions, which allow you to try out the games with play money for as long as you want, make it easier to get to know new variations. Here you will find an overview of various entertaining wheel games to try out. Choose a version and click your way to the corresponding page. There you will find the rules and the free roulette game.

Französisches Roulette in der Demoversion testen

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Im besten europäischen Roulette Casino spielen

On the page dedicated to each roulette game, you will find not only a free demo version but also my personal recommendation on where to play this game with real bets. Typically, this will be one of the top online casinos where you can feel secure and not make any mistakes. This page not only provides a general overview of the different games but also highlights the advantages of playing for free and offers valuable tips for transitioning to playing with real money.

Why one should start by playing roulette online for free

There are no free games in casinos and gaming halls. So, if you want to try roulette there, you always have to bet real money. That is, of course, a big hurdle, as you don't know exactly what you're getting into. Although the real appeal lies in playing online roulette with real money, there are good reasons for beginners to use free demo games. It is therefore very gratifying and a great advantage that you can also test all gambling games for free on the internet.

One obvious reason to try roulette for free online is to familiarize yourself with the game itself. The easiest and fastest way to learn the rules is by playfully acquiring them. Having no need to think about money during this process is a significant advantage. You can fully concentrate on the nuances of the game without constantly worrying about losing funds. However, this mainly applies to software-based games with random number generators (RNG). Live dealer games with real croupiers are generally not available in a play money version.

Im Internet gibt es sehr viele Roulette Varianten zu entdecken

The immense variety of roulette variants is the second advantage of playing online. You can explore and experience all the games to your heart's content without having to spend a single penny. However, if you wish, you can always opt for playing with real money in the respective online roulette casino. Take the opportunity to try out different game variations and determine which one brings you the most joy, and then make the transition to playing with actual bets.

The free trial of new strategies is of utmost importance to me personally. Once a new system has been devised, it is only natural to thoroughly test it before attempting to win real money. Perhaps some issues that one would prefer to avoid in roulette games with real money can already be identified during free online play.

What types of online roulette games are available?

Online casinos typically offer three classic variations of roulette with either one zero or an additional double zero. However, they also feature a few unique versions that are only possible through software-based platforms. The most significant trend, though, is the merging of the internet and the live aspect of traditional casinos. Below, you'll find a brief overview of the various game variants available.

The classic roulette games

French, European, and American roulette are the classics among roulette games and are available online in various variations. Before diving into the virtual adventure, it is important to grasp the fundamental principles of the classic roulette games. The following overview aims to assist you in this endeavor.

French roulette

This is the ultimate classic among online roulette games! It involves the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. As a result, there is a small house edge that you can take advantage of during a game. If you want to get a feel for it, you can start by playing French Roulette online for free, by immersing yourself in the play money mode. This way, you can learn a lot about French Roulette and familiarize yourself with the French gaming language.

European Roulette

In relation to the potential bets and numbers on the wheel and table, it appears that European Roulette corresponds to French Roulette. This impression is not misleading either, as there are no differences in terms of gameplay between French and European Roulette. However, English terms are used unless the native language of the respective country is used as the game language.

American roulette

English Roulette, unlike the European version, uses English terms as the norm. It's important not to confuse the two, as there are significant differences. One notable dissimilarity is the presence of a second zero, resulting in a double zero. This increases the casino's edge and adds to the excitement. Those interested in trying American online roulette can witness these unique features in action. After playing some free online roulette games, it's time to switch to real money mode to truly experience the thrill.

If you're uncertain about which option to choose, the play money mode comes to your aid. Although you won't have a chance to win real prizes, you won't be taking any financial risks in your online roulette test either. Another intriguing option to gain roulette experience is a no deposit roulette bonus, allowing you to explore various variants.

Modern variations of the game of roulette

The availability of the three classic versions of the roulette game is equal in both land-based casinos and online roulette casinos. However, this does not apply to the more innovative variants, as they can only be found on the internet. By innovative, I mean roulette variations with unique betting options, layouts, settings, and graphics compared to the three traditional roulette games. Below are a few examples of such games:

  • Multi Wheel equals more action with more wheels.
  • Irish Roulette Irish-speaking wheel games
  • Double Ball Roulette: Double the fun with two balls.
  • Is it even possible to play roulette without the zero?
  • NewAR Roulette with additional outside bets
  • Auto Roulette Slingshot and its counterparts

There are various versions available that not only rely on specific rules and options but also feature progressive jackpots. These particular variations are highly popular as they offer the chance to win substantial amounts of money with a stroke of luck. In some instances, categorization is based on the type of bet and the amount you wish to place as part of your personal roulette strategy. Regardless of the numerous factors involved, you will have the opportunity to experience different variations, eliminating the word "boredom" from your vocabulary.

Enjoy the real dealers and a pleasant ambiance while indulging in live dealer games.

One of the most significant trends in online casinos is the presence of live dealer roulette games. While these games are based exclusively on the European variant, they come with several innovative and refreshing concepts. Take Immersive Roulette, for instance, where the wheel and ball are showcased in a particularly captivating manner.

Live Dealer Roulette ist die BEST Art, um das Kesselspiel im Internet zu erleben

Once the new winning number is determined, a slow-motion replay of it is shown. In addition, the croupier, the roulette wheel, and various parts of the interior are displayed from alternating camera angles. Other game variations, such as Ra Roulette, combine elements of the popular Novoline slot machines with the game of roulette.

Roulette featuring progressive jackpots

Can you believe it? Roulette jackpots! That's right, a maximum win doesn't have to be limited to a single number bet payout. There are even games where you can win a progressive jackpot that keeps growing. These jackpots can reach staggering sums of up to 1 million euros! The most well-known example is Playtech's Age of Gods Roulette. Another live variant with a jackpot is Golden Ball Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming. Unleash your luck and go for those extraordinary wins!

Extraordinary online roulette variations.

This is where it gets fascinating. The purely software-based game on the PC offers limitless possibilities to bring to life even the most unusual gaming concepts. A relatively typical modification of the original roulette game is Mini Roulette, which comprises only the numbers from 0 to 12. The potential for creativity is immense. The virtual realm opens doors to innovative and unconventional game ideas, making the gaming experience truly captivating.

The Pinball Roulette takes things to a whole new level of eccentricity. Instead of determining the winning number in a roulette wheel, it is done in a pinball machine. And to add to the excitement, a win can be multiplied by five through a risky game in another pinball machine! Another variation is the Card Roulette, which is not based on 36 numbers but on 52 poker cards.

Other variants with only minor modifications.

However, the game doesn't always have to be fundamentally different. There are also some variations that involve more subtle rule adjustments. Multiwheel Roulette, for instance, plays similarly to the standard game, but with up to 8 wheels simultaneously per spin. In NewAR Roulette, two additional and completely new betting options are introduced. Occasionally, you may even come across online roulette games without the zero. Feel free to thoroughly explore here and get an overview of the possibilities you can find online. New roulette casinos are extremely creative in their game offerings and constantly expanding their portfolios.

Settings, options, and design.

As I mentioned earlier, there are variations among the different online casino roulette games that do not affect the house edge. Nevertheless, you should still pay special attention to them as they can significantly impact your online roulette experience and overall gameplay at the online casino. This allows you to customize and personalize the visuals and functionality of the games. The following points are particularly noteworthy in this regard:

I strongly advise you to thoroughly assess your preferred online roulette game based on the mentioned features. This will ensure you have excellent experiences while playing roulette online. Additionally, the range of bets and availability of wagering options play a significant role. Furthermore, for certain strategies, it is worthwhile to closely analyze the statistics and apparent hot and cold numbers.

Ensuring fairness in online roulette

If you're interested in playing online roulette, you undoubtedly appreciate the simplicity and convenience of the internet. However, ensuring fairness might raise some concerns. Especially with RNG games, which rely on a random number generator, verification can be challenging. Before diving into online roulette, it's crucial to ensure that the real money casino holds an official license. For players in Ireland, licenses from Schleswig-Holstein or the EU license from the Malta Gaming Authority are essential. Obtaining such a license requires the casino to meet strict regulations. The commission places particular emphasis on the software and the random number generator. This is where independent certification agencies, like TST and eCOGRA, step in. They play a crucial role in providing transparency and ensuring the fairness of online roulette games.

The presence of the Malta Gaming Authority, eCOGRA, and TST logos are crucial indicators of fairness and trustworthiness for gambling providers, making them popular features on websites. Opting for an online casino with the appropriate licenses and certifications ensures that you can play for real money in a secure and fair environment. However, it might be worthwhile to start by playing online roulette for free. Those who choose to play roulette online for free can test the waters and familiarize themselves with the workings of the respective casino. In some cases, you can even play online roulette without registration, giving you a first impression of the gambling provider before you proceed with the registration process and make your first deposit to seize the opportunity for real winnings.

How to find the best variant of roulette.

If you have a desire to play roulette, you can initially try out various free versions of the game. Next, you can search for an online casino that supports the specific roulette variant offered by your preferred software provider. Once you find such a casino, you can then proceed to play roulette with real money.

Learn the rules of roulette easily through playing

Are you lacking in online roulette experience? In that case, it would be wise to try out roulette for free. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game and learn the rules without any financial risk. It is worthwhile to study the roulette rules and put it to the test in a complimentary game.

Test different bets without any risk

If you lack substantial experience with online roulette, you will greatly benefit from trying online roulette for free. This will allow you to experiment with bets and strategies without risking any money. After conducting thorough tests, you will be able to assess the winning odds more accurately and then venture into real money online roulette games.

Test roulette systems and strategies

Ambitious players are promised better chances of winning with roulette strategies and systems. Here, you can explore and test various approaches without any risk. You can then utilize your online roulette experiences for real money games by acquiring extensive knowledge about different roulette variations.

What you should know when transitioning from free roulette gaming

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When you register as a new customer at an online roulette casino, you are also entitled to a welcome bonus, which can amount to four-digit sums depending on the offer. Typically, this bonus is credited to you along with your first deposit, but it is subject to various conditions. Therefore, I strongly recommend taking a look at my information page on the topic of roulette bonuses to understand the details of these terms and conditions. Keep in mind that you always have the option of not claiming this bonus. There are good reasons that speak in favor of playing without a bonus. So, if you don't want to deal with these terms and conditions, you can simply decline the offer.

Keep in mind that not all games offered by a casino can be played on mobile devices. Typically, the classics are also playable on your phone, but if you value a specific roulette game, it's worth checking in advance if it's available for smartphones or tablets. You can find more detailed information on my page dedicated to mobile roulette.

Have you tested enough for free? It's time to play roulette with real bets!

Once you have thoroughly tested various versions of online roulette for free and experimented with all the different variants, it is time to embrace the real thrill of playing for money. The perfect online casino for this will ultimately depend on your preferred roulette game. However, rest assured that you will find the three classic options mentioned above in any reputable roulette casino.

  • Licensed in the European Union
  • Special roulette variants
  • Great bonuses & promotions
Die 10 besten Online Casinos für Roulette Freunde findest du auf

To access certain games, such as those with progressive jackpots, you'll need a provider that offers these specific games. Not all casinos collaborate with every software provider or game developer, so it's crucial to find a platform that features the game you're interested in. Luckily, by testing the free demo versions on the popular gaming sites linked here, you'll not only get to experience the game firsthand but also discover the best casino that offers it.

The most essential inquiries about playing online roulette.

Roulette casinos have gained immense popularity due to the game of roulette. Players are provided with a vast array of games and variants by manufacturers. Frequently, we receive inquiries pertaining to these games. Therefore, we have compiled and provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Where can I play online roulette for free?

No need to search any further, as here you can engage in playing roulette games without any cost. In addition to providing a demo and the option to play roulette without real money, we also offer an extensive game evaluation and provide tips on the top-notch casinos. Rest assured that you will find everything you need to enhance your roulette experience right here.

What types of online roulette games are available?

There are countless roulette games and variations available online. We have thoroughly tested the finest games and also present to you the rare and extraordinary variations of roulette.

Are there any roulette games with a jackpot?

Certainly, you can find Roulette with jackpots! Some of them can even surpass the million mark. Discover more about Roulette jackpots right here. We'll also provide you with the perfect casinos to enjoy them.

???? What are the top roulette games available online?

Determining the finest roulette games is no easy task, as each player possesses distinct preferences and table limits also come into play. In addition to the classic European, French, and American roulette games, there are extraordinary variations of roulette that are worth exploring. It can be quite fascinating to delve into these unique renditions and experience the diversity they offer.

Do I have to download a roulette casino software to play for free?

It is not mandatory to download software. Those who wish to play online roulette for free can do so through the browser or by downloading the respective roulette software onto their PC or mobile device, depending on the provider. Roulette casinos often offer both options to cater to all players equally. Whether a download is necessary or optional depends on the chosen online roulette casino and cannot be generalized.

???? Is it possible for me to play roulette on my mobile device?

Smartphones and tablet PCs are in no way excluded from free roulette games. There are numerous apps available for pure entertainment purposes that can be downloaded from the App Store or Playstore, and they are often free because they only involve playing with virtual money and are financed through advertisements. Additionally, you can play roulette on mobile devices through apps or via the mobile browser at many online casinos. This allows you to use the play money mode for your own tests, while also potentially benefiting from various no deposit bonuses. Therefore, you can easily enjoy playing roulette for free on your mobile device.